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ToWCup18It was February 26 2016 in a popular 5-star Zurich hotel. Excitement was building towards the election of a new FIFA President the next day.

fifa logoLast October, I watched one of the most bizarre games of my life. It was a World Cup qualifier between South Africa and Senegal.

caf symposium0717There have been never-ending debate, comments and thoughts about the recent decision of CAF to make radical changes to many aspects of its statutes and competitions.

caf symposium0717Il y a eu des débats sans fin, des commentaires et des réflexions sur la décision récente de la CAF d'apporter des changements radicaux à de nombreux aspects de ses statuts et de ses competitions.

soccer ballHistorically, there has been a trend in world football, not only African. And that is that holding on to power at the head of a football organisation has proved ten times more difficult than getting to power in the first place.