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fifa logoLast October, I watched one of the most bizarre games of my life. It was a World Cup qualifier between South Africa and Senegal.

caf symposium0717Il y a eu des débats sans fin, des commentaires et des réflexions sur la décision récente de la CAF d'apporter des changements radicaux à de nombreux aspects de ses statuts et de ses competitions.

soccer ballHistorically, there has been a trend in world football, not only African. And that is that holding on to power at the head of a football organisation has proved ten times more difficult than getting to power in the first place.

caf symposium0717There have been never-ending debate, comments and thoughts about the recent decision of CAF to make radical changes to many aspects of its statutes and competitions.

Ahmad AhmadToday 24 June actually marks 100 days exactly since Ahmad came into office as the 7th President of CAF.
It was on 16 March that history was made, when Ahmad overcame all odds and ended the 29-year stranglehold of Issa Hayatou and became the head of African football.