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Heros Never Forgotten LogoGreetings. My charity organisation called Heroes Never Forgotten has been worried about the spate of deaths of physically fit football players and coaches who suddenly suffer cardiac failure or heart attacks.

isha johansenIn my piece earlier, I marked a month since history was made and African football changed. I spoke a lot about Ahmad winning the CAF Presidency. Having allowed that to sink in, may I also touch on the fact that the whole dynamics of African football actually changed on the day one month ago.

Ahmad CAFI recall the small hours of the morning of 16 March. At the Reception area of the Radisson Blu Hotel in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, little groups huddled together, chatting, whispering silently, with the occasional outburst of laughter.

Je me souviens des petites heures de la matinée du 16 mars. À la réception du Radisson Blu Hotel à Addis Abeba, en Éthiopie, de petits groupes se blottirent, bavardant, chuchotant silencieusement, avec un éclat occasionnel de rire.

I am deep in thought. Sad, because as we aim towards realizing our big potential in Africa, something always draws us back. This is worrying, and I hope we can all liven up to what it is, and proffer positive options and solutions.