stop racismThis season, there has been more talk of high profile racism than has been in a few years past. Did it ever go away? Or did we pay less attention to it than we are doing now?

Or wait….can it be that the perpetrators are gaining more confidence by the attention they are getting? Because it seems like we are giving them attention and coverage without actually doing anything.

What really is this thing called racism in our football? Why are we still talking about it in 2019?

What have all the movements done to curb it in the past? And what about the authorities? FIFA? UEFA? Individual national football federations?

Where really lies the problem?

Everyone has had a say. Ex-footballers now see it as a forum to gain popularity and relevance. Football organisations/governing bodies make statements to show that they care.

Current players are wondering why they are subjected to this.

Racism in football is an off-shoot of what goes on in the wider community. Can’t anyone see that? There is racism in the work place everyday. There is racism in social gatherings all the time. Our politics is riddled with racism.

And we want our football to be free from it! Gee! What a pipedream!

However though, while we can not eradicate racism, we can, as a football family, show that we care about the feelings of the youngsters who are victims of such abuse. We can, as a football family, show that we can set deterrents.

We may not rid our game of racist bigots, but we can make the ones we identify pay for their acts!

And this is what we want FIFA, and UEFA….and national associations, to do NOW!

More to come….