Heros Never Forgotten LogoGreetings. My charity organisation called Heroes Never Forgotten has been worried about the spate of deaths of physically fit football players and coaches who suddenly suffer cardiac failure or heart attacks.
It is rampant and statistics show that it is even more likely in black Africans than any other, that they develop heart problems. 
We launched a program, to flag off our desire to raise awareness to the need to have regular checks on our players and officials. To make it mandatory for every club and federation to carry out routine ECG heart monitor checks on their players and coaches periodically so that it might pick up dangerous conditions. 
We have presented our campaign of awareness to CAF and FIFA to embrace it and let us drive it together. 
At federation level, we want you to join us in creating the Football Hearts campaign of awareness in your clubs and in your federation. 
Today football lost yet another one - Cheick Tiote. The trend is worrying. 
Please join us and let us do what we can to preserve the lives that we have come to know through football and bring down the sorrows that we feel on days like today. 
Please contact me for more details @AfrSoccerHeroes. We need your support. Football needs your support. Our heroes must not be allowed to just die away like this. Any little number that we are able to save still makes a difference. Please